From 2004 to 2007, Tai Carmen toured the West Coast show circuit as the singer & guitarist for California-based indie rock band, Sugar in Wartime. They released “Out of the Woods,” their debut album produced by John Wagner, in 2007. Available on

Characterized by melodic, emotive vocals, driving rhythms and lush yet minimal production, Sugar in Wartime creates sonic tension between tenderness and grit, with songwriting that ranges from heartfelt acoustic folk songs to layered post-rock anthems. The band is currently on hiatus, with a legendary second album nearing completion.

In January 2014, Carmen sang in Outworld Theater’s Portland production of the original musical, “Aika & Rose: A Supernatural Star-Crossed Teen Lesbian Love Story,” in which she played Aika. The album is being recorded & produced by Victor Nash at Destination Universe.

Carmen is currently writing a solo album.

Photo by Blake Gardner